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I am a displaying artist and I've had work juried into shows like the Northern National, The Center for the Visual Arts,  and The Wowspace.  I've been fortunate to win quite a few different awards at various shows including a few Best of Shows and other top awards.   I don't create my photos to win awards, but it's a nice to have some affirmation that others appreciate your work.


My wife and I put together a booth of my work in 2019 and we were accepted into Mercer's Loon Day, Boulder Junction's Musky Days, Eagle River's Cranberry Fest, Minocqua's Beef-o-rama, and more.  It was so nice to be able to meet so many people, discuss the work and get so much positive feedback.  We also enjoyed seeing so many prints leaving our booth to be displayed in homes and offices.

We now do 4-5 shows each summer and we enjoy meeting people and sharing the photography.


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