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In some photographs the essence of light and space dominate; in others, the substance of rock and wood, and the luminous insistence of growing things…It is my intention to present-through the medium of photography-intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to spectators...

Ansel Adams

If you're interested in ordering a standard metal print from our Nebraska crane migration trip you can order a metal print directly off the site from the gallery below (or you're welcome to contact us and we can help you too).  If you'd like a framed metal print you will have to contact us so we can help you get exactly what you want.

You can order metal prints with the hidden float frame. Note that "hidden float frame" means you will not see a frame at all from the front. They come ready to hang and display as is, or you can take them to your local frame shop and they have options to put a traditional frame of your choice on it.

Float Frame Metal Prints

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Regular metal print (without traditional frame)

8" x 12"- $74.99

12" x 18"- $149.99

16" x 24"- $224.99

20" x 30"- $299.99

24" x 36"- $449.99

You can also get the metal prints with a black frame (our favorite- most of the photos on display in our home have the frames) for additional cost.  You will have to call us to order prints with frames and we'll be happy to help you get just what you want.

Metal Prints in float frames (as pictured)

8" x 12"- $149.99

12" x 18"- $249.99

16" x 24"- $374.99

20" x 30"- $499.99

24" x 36"- $729.99

Black Wedge Frame

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Standard Black Frame

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Our booth with both standard and framed metal prints.

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Northwoods Fine Art and Nature Photography by Tim Feathers.

I'm based out of beautiful Vilas County near Manitowish Waters/ Presque Isle Wisconsin but wander with my camera throughout the North of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

All images © Whispering Point Photography LLC/ Tim Feathers

All rights reserved

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